The Dancing Deer, starring Yukon & Daisy

I would first like to emphasize, whenever you come across a baby deer never assume they're abandon. Mothers hide their young for long periods of time for scent control against predators. This little fawn’s mother was hit by a car and was truly abandoned. With the help of warm and caring hands she was nursed back to health.

A neighbor had told me the news of the little fawn they'd rescued and I was excited to get some shots. I was fortunate enough to snap a few when Daisy was just several days old.

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 Camouflage and scent control is their best defense.

Camouflage and scent control is their best defense.

I would briefly see Daisy during the day and she would roam the neighborhood freely, occasionally visiting Yukon before heading back to the woods. Whenever I would take Yukon for a walk/hike, Daisy would appear out of nowhere and follow us. I was able to get several photos and a few video clips of the two interacting.

The above video has no music, just the sounds of nature.

The above video is the video that went viral last year and is approaching 5 million views! With all the video pirating on FaceBook and other sources I'm guessing over 30 million people have seen the Dancing Deer video to-date. Gotta love Social Media!

As you'll notice, Yukon had a thing for rocks and loved to retrieve them for me. He also liked to tidy up this little pond whenever we'd visit the swimming hole. I think he did it more to ignore Daisy. He didn't want me to know they were actual buds.

This interaction only lasted for one season. We would see Daisy less and less. She eventually blended in with the other deer before disappearing into the wild. We think she was seen the following summer in our back field with a fawn. How could I tell, you ask? Daisy had a distinctive white mark on her nose and did not seem too skittish around humans or Yukon. We'd like to believe it was her.

After being non-existent, one winter afternoon she stopped by to see Yukon and tried have a snack from one of our Christmas decorations. I immediately ran for the camera.

Thank you for taking time to hear about this unique friendship. I'm certain both Yukon & Daisy are dancing somewhere in heaven today. Yukon is collecting rocks while Daisy is Dancing the days away.